Dear Sir/Madam!

We are a family company with several decades of experience. The company developed from a crafts workshop, and in 2005, we established a company with its head office in Ljubljana. At the beginning, our production programme consisted of products made of plastics. Later, we added laser engraving on various materials and photography services to our programme. Today, our main niche market is the injection moulding of thermoplastics. We are specialised in the injection moulding of the following materials: PA 6.6-30%, PA 6.6, PP, ABS, PC, PE.

The ETI d.d., GORENJE, SAMSUNG, LTD g.m.b.h., BEAR ELEKTRONIK g.m.b.h., SAIA BURGES g.m.b.h., TOSAMA, FORMA PLAST, DEWESOFT trusted us in the past. We produced various products for them, for example: fuse housings, door closure systems for washing machines, Siporex inserts, rings for fittings, baseball cap peaks, small boxes for cotton buds, etc.

The business strategy of our company is focused on product quality and customer satisfaction. For us, customers are our business partners in the true meaning of the word. With our products, we cooperate with them and help them solve their problems.

We are also aware of the fact that the market is becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, our advantages are swift responses and adjustments to the needs of the market, which we are able to deliver with regular professional training and by taking into account our partners' feedback.